Assignments from Unit 1

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Section 1

Great Thinkers and Their Inventions- “Vignettes”
Who Dunnit? - Web Search
Invention & Innovation - Crossword
Review Activities

Section 2

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Vote here for The Most Important Invention or Innovation of All Time
Profile of an advertizement from 1926

Disney's Carousel of Progress Video, Transcript & Worksheet

Section 3

Copy down these 3 Big Ideas in your journal: Big Idea #1, #2, #3

Invention Detective*:

  • Pick ONE of the 4 Stories of an Invention (Don't read ahead or you will spoil the activity for yourself),
  • Read the first half, answer the first two questions from page 5,
  • Get the 2nd half of the story from Mr Squires, read and answer the remaining questions.