Mechanical Grabber Lab2 Day Challenge

To design and build a grabber that can pick up a sheet of paper.
• Use only the tools and materials provided by the teacher.
• The end effector must be able to open and close via a string.

4. Make two sketches of different end effectors you want to create. List the pros and cons of each sketch a person at your table did in your own journal. Make sure to write their name in your journal.

5. Research your options online for such a tool. Look at the images, look at the web search results. Are there similar labs out there? Do they suggest a better or easier model for this LAB?

6. Draw the final design of your end effector.

7. After making a materials list, see Mr. Squires for your materials.

Activity: Creating the Mechanical Grabber
1. Create the arm of the grabber.

2. Create the end effector, and then to attach a string to the end effector.

3. Test the mechanical grabbers by picking up a sheet of paper, if not a heavier object, with the end effectors of the mechanical grabbers.

4. Tools/Materials:
• Most anything used so far this year.

5. Are there any modifications that you want to make to this design to improve on it?
List your proposed modifications below.