Robotics Hand Lab #4

paper hand.png
1. Before beginning the robotic-hand activity, study this example to the right. The hand should look similar to the product in Figure 1.

2. Your goal for the robotic hand is to create a cardstock hand with moveable fingers in order to create degrees of freedom.

3. Tools/Materials:
• Scissors, cardstock, straws, string, 1 wooden board, glue.

4. Re-trace one of your hands onto a paper plate, and then cut out the traced hand. Have the teacher punch holes in the fingertips of the cut out hand. This task should take about two to four minutes to complete.

5. Cut 15 small pieces of straw (about ½-inch long for each piece), and then mark where to glue the pieces on the hand with a pen or pencil. Now take to teacher and help hot glue pieces to paper hand. (Three small pieces of straw onto each finger.)
The purpose of the small pieces of straw is to prevent the strings on the fingers from getting tangled. Small pieces of straw are used instead of full-length straws because full-length straws that are glued down onto the cardstock fingers can be difficult to bend. If the fingers cannot bend, then the objective for creating degrees of freedom (moveable joints) will not be met. This task can take about 20 minutes to complete.

6. Cut five pieces of string. Each piece of string should be about 8-10 inches in length.

7. Insert a string through the straws of a finger, and then to glue the top end of the string (the end that is near the tip of the finger) to the tip of the finger. This step will be repeated for each finger. After completing this task, you should be able to demonstrate functional degrees of freedom with their robotic hands by pulling the bottom ends of the strings. When the bottom ends of the strings are pulled, the top ends of the strings will pull down (bend) the fingers toward the palm of the robotic hand. This task can take about 20 minutes to complete.

8. Glue paint-stir-stick to back of paper hand.

10. Now write the following in your journal:
  1. 1. A problem statement for this lab.
  2. 2. Make a list of criteria and constraints for this lab.
  3. 3. Make a list of materials and detailed measurements for this lab.
  4. 4. How do you know if you are successful on this lab?
  5. 5. Are there any modifications that you want to make to this design to improve on it? List your proposed modifications in your journal.

11. Google the following keywords “robotics hand paper straw string” all at once.
Look at the images, look at the web search results. Are there similar labs out there? Do they suggest a better or easier model for this LAB?

There will be a robotic quiz based on the robotic terms we studied this past week.