Welcome to our new unit Introduction to Robotics

Day 1 (Monday/Tuesday April 14/15)

In your Journals

  1. Make a list of everything you know about robots without looking it up.
  2. Why do robots need movable joints?

Read the following article on robotics, and then define the terms that follow from the article.

Define the following robotic parts:
(all of definitions should be about robots)

1. Actuator –
2. Electrical circuit –
3. Reprogrammable –
4. Degrees of freedom –
5. Base –
6. Shoulder –
7. Elbow –
8. End effector –

Finish Early?-
  1. you will be quizzed on these terms above.

  2. You have quia grades you can bring up? to study.

  3. Read this article ... More on robotics!