March 12/14 & 17/18, 2014 (and following as needed)

1. Using chrome add these extensions from the web store.

2. Copy these notes in your Journal

Presentation transcript to have read aloud. Printable Notes (You can print these in the library or @ home)

3. Interactive Activity....

you will need headphones for this... put them on now please.

Look at the projector screen for directions for each link.

external image banner08.jpg
Overview, Outcomes, Getting Started
~5 min.
  • Listen to introduction

**Technology or Concept?**
Matching game
  • Play the matching game

Core Concepts of Technology:
Core Content Presentation
  • Listen
    advance the slides at the bottom of the screen

How well do you understand the core concepts?
external image prac_categorize.jpg**Process or Product:** Categorize

external image prac_label.jpg **Resources of Technology:** Definitions

This resource above is found @